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How to assign inputs in a downloaded function

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Nadine Doiron
Nadine Doiron on 16 Jan 2020
Edited: per isakson on 16 Jan 2020
I am using a function created by someone that helps one determine the mixed layer depth in the ocean. I am having trouble assigning the inputs for the function.
Here is a link to the function download where you can actually see the function.
I have tried to look up how to build functions, but I clearly I am not building my own, I am just using an existing one with my own inputs.
The top line of the function itself looks like this:
function [mld]=ra_mld(salt,temp,Z,dT)
This is what I need to use to assign the inputs Z (depth), temp (temperature), and salt (salinity):
pathname= 'C:\Users\w10027892\Desktop\Research\EN642_ship_CTD_cnv\';
fname= '642_5_03_03.cnv';
totname= [ pathname fname];
fid= fopen(totname,'r');
data = textscan(fid,'%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n%n','headerlines',346);
salt= data{4};
temp= data{3};
This might seem like a simple question but I am new to this.
Thank you very much!!!


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David Hill
David Hill on 16 Jan 2020
If you have built the data correctly, you access the function by:
mld = ra_mld(salt,temp,Z);%dT defaults to 1
Function should return the mld. Did you see the note in the prerequisites? You will need the function sw_dens(). You may need to modify the function to support the sw_dens() function. I found a Sea Water Properties Function but it was not exactly what was mentioned. I extracted the sw_dens() function from it, but the function call has three inputs (s,t,0) get rid of the 0 input.
mldepth=NaN(n5, 1);
for ii=1:n5
s=S(:, ii);
t=T(:, ii);
sst_dT=t(1) - dT;
sigma_t=sw_dens(s, t) - 1000;%here
sigma_dT=sw_dens(s(1), sst_dT) - 1000;%here
pos1=find(sigma_t > sigma_dT);
if ((numel(pos1) > 0) && (pos1(1) > 1))
mldepth(ii)=interp1(sigma_t([p1, p2]), Z([p1, p2]), sigma_dT);
end % endif
end % endfor
mld=NaN*ones(1, lt*ln);
mld=reshape(mld, lt, ln);
function x=sw_dens(s,t)%s in ppm, t in C

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Nadine Doiron
Nadine Doiron on 16 Jan 2020
Hi David,
Thank you for your response.
I did see the note about having the sea water package. That is part of a toolbox used for evaluating the thermodynamic properties of pure water and seawater. I have that toolbox installed, so I should just be able to create the proper inputs with my data. Right?

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