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How to I convert a 3D array into 4-column table (x y z value)?

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Johnathan Zeng
Johnathan Zeng on 9 Jan 2020
Commented: Johnathan Zeng on 10 Jan 2020
For example, I have the following (reading slices of DICOM images):
for ii = 1:length(files)
% get fileName
fileName = strcat(myPath, files(ii).name);
metaData{ii} = dicominfo(fileName);
sliceNum = metaData{ii}.SOPInstanceUID(end-2:end);
imgData(:,:,ii) = dicomread(fileName);
writematrix(imgData(:,:,ii), strcat(myPath, exportName, '-', sliceNum, '.csv'))
The format is as follows: imgData(x,y,z) = value
Where imgData is a 3D array of values such that imgData(:,:,z) will give me a 512x512 array of values.
If imgData(1,2,3) = 4, I want a 2D array to have the following:
x y z value
1 2 3 4
What is the best way to convert the index of the data into a column?


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Matt J
Matt J on 9 Jan 2020
Edited: Matt J on 9 Jan 2020

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