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To Extract data from the .csv or .xlsx file and out it ti the Matlab Base workspace for Simulink to access it and read data from it

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I have written code for extracting file from user and then read data from that file. I can extract file from this code but not able to read the data because it is showing error as (Undefined function or variable 'excelread_activex')
Code is given below for your reference:
handle = msgbox('Select Unladen Logged Data file');
if ishandle(handle)
clear handle;
global pathname sim_time pathname_saved
if pathname~=0
[filename, pathname]= uigetfile({'*.csv'},'Load Data File',pathname);
if pathname==0;pathname=pathname_saved;end
if pathname~=0;pathname_saved=pathname;end
[filename, pathname]= uigetfile({'*.csv';'*.xlsx'},'Load Data File');pathname_saved=pathname;
if filename~=0
h_wait=waitbar(0,'Reading Logged Data........');
if filename~=0
ResultFile=[pathname filename]
raw = excelread_activex([pathname,'\',filename]);
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Ashwini  More
Ashwini More am 16 Jan. 2020
Thank you for the solution!!
I only find the way to open the file with GUI. but I am not able to read data from it and further development is I want to remove specific rows from it. can you please suggest solution to it.

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