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How to use mapping toolbox in web app?

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Zhu Ruihen
Zhu Ruihen on 7 Jan 2020
Edited: Ryan Klots on 16 Feb 2021
Recently I try to develop a web app for painting the temperature in the ocean. But "Figure" can not be used in the web app and some functions from mapping toolbox (such as "worldmap") will create a new figure by itself, which leads to the error during this app runs in the browser. And I tried to set the Figure-'visible' as 'off', but it didn't work.

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Ryan Klots
Ryan Klots on 16 Feb 2021
Edited: Ryan Klots on 16 Feb 2021
It looks like this MATLAB Answers post by the MathWorks Support Team gives a couple of suggestions for how to leverage Mapping Toolbox functionality in App Designer. The description sounds similar to your use case, as I believe that web apps must be compiled using App Designer.
I would recommend trying out the first workaround suggested in that post. In particular, Option 1 leverages geoaxes, which work with UIFigures. Since App Designer uses UIFigures, geoaxes may work well depending on your exact use case.
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Ryan Klots
Ryan Klots on 16 Feb 2021
The only alternative that I can think of is to project any (lat, lon) data that you have into (x, y) coordinates using projfwd or some other method. Once you have the (x, y) data, you can plot it onto a regular UIAxes using normal plot commands instead of their plotm counterparts.

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