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how to accelerate the classification of data using a trained or assembly deep learning neural network

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liangcheng jin
liangcheng jin on 22 Dec 2019
Answered: Srivardhan Gadila on 13 Jan 2020
I want to speed up classifying data using a trained deep learning network.When I use "parfor" or "parfeval" under local parallel poor or other pool using deep learing function "classify" or "predict",an error occur which is "error use DAGNetwork/get.Layers".I have tried different ways to use parallel pool for classifying "TestSet",but all failed .Therefor I wonder,dese parallel pool support for the deep learing function "classify" or predict",or Is there any way to accelerate the classification of neural network?
if anyone have any advice, please reply me
here is my matlab version: (R2019b) Update 2
and the code is following

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