How can I detect a color percentage in a picture?

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fatema ali
fatema ali am 20 Nov. 2019
Kommentiert: DGM am 17 Mai 2022
I have a picture with different colors, but I mainly need the precentage of three colors. how can I do that in matlab?
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fatema ali
fatema ali am 20 Nov. 2019
Bearbeitet: fatema ali am 20 Nov. 2019
yes exactly, like the precentage of red in a certain picture.
I want a broader sense of colors, like all shades of red are considered as one thing and so on.

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti am 17 Feb. 2020
It would be better if you first determine the RGB triplet limits for a specific color and count the number of pixels lying in the above range. The sample code could look like this:
% Read image
I = imread('your_image');
% Define RGB limits
redLowerLimit = your_value;
redUpperLimit = your_value;
blueLowerLimit = your_value;
blueUpperLimit = your_value;
greenLowerLimit = your_value;
greenUpperLimit = your_value;
% Number of pixels of required colour
requiredColor = ( I(:,:,1) >= redLowerLimit & I(:,:,1) <= redUpperLimit ) & ...
( I(:,:,2) >= greenLowerLimit & I(:,:,2) <= greenUpperLimit ) & ( I(:,:,3) >= blueLowerLimit & I(:,:,3) <= blueUpperLimit );
% Percentage of colour in the image
percentColor = 100*(sum(sum(requiredColor))/(size(I,1)*size(I,2)));
Hope this helps.
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DGM am 17 Mai 2022
You need to define the variables. You need to specify an image and select threshold values that are appropriate for your own needs.

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