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How to find the circle/ contour of my shape and the distance from the outer contour to the center of the shape?

Asked by Zhaohan Zheng on 29 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Zhaohan Zheng on 30 Oct 2019
Hello, I just start to lean how to use the Image Processing Toolbox for my project. I have several image like this:
I want to first segment the small circle and the outer gold color layer, than find the center of the samll circle in the middle, as well as find the distance from the inner and outer contour to the center of the samll circle. Finally I need to plot all these data.
At this point, I kind of stucked on finding the center of the samll circle and the contour of the matel layer. The 'imfindcircles' function seems not work in my case cause the resolution of my image is extremely big.


Oh, I inserted it in the textbox. For some reason it's not showing. Anyways, I attached it as a zip file there.
Really appreciate your help.

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1 Answer

Answer by darova
on 30 Oct 2019
 Accepted Answer

Binarize image (0 and 1)
imdilate image
Use edge
Maybe bwareopen to clear a bit

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