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Can not comment / edit one single question in Answers

Asked by Stephan
on 10 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Stephan
on 11 Oct 2019
I tried to comment on the following question, to come up with an improved version of the code:
But always i try to comment or edit this i end up with:
Oops! Something happened.
We have encountered an internal problem. Detailed information about this error has automatically been recorded and we have been notified.
You can:
Try reloading the page to see if it works.
Give us additional info about this error.
I tried using Explorer and Firefox - since i can edit / comment any other questions, i think it is not a problem of my browser...
Can anybody else comment on this question?
Does anybody know of "broken questions"?


I just tried it out - it is still not working to comment on my first answer. Maybe there are some more issues to fix.
(Answers dev) The above mentioned question thread is now fixed and all links on that page should work as expected.
it works for me - thank you again.

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