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Setting an equation equal to another variable (rearranging) in 2012b

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Zayed Makboul
Zayed Makboul on 16 Sep 2019
Commented: Zayed Makboul on 16 Sep 2019
I took an integral in matlab and this was the output:
s =
or s = 3.
I want to rearage this equation in terms of .
I tried:
t = solve(s,t)
but the output is:
t1 =
I would greatly appreciate any insight!
p.s. I do have symbolic toolbox and have set:
syms t s t1


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Accepted Answer

Stephan on 16 Sep 2019
Edited: Stephan on 16 Sep 2019
syms s t
eq = s == 3*5^(1/2)*t
sol_t = solve(eq,t)
Beginning from 2017a you can use isolate.

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