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MATLAB launched with MLautomation -r arguments freezes

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Yanis Bouhraoua
Yanis Bouhraoua on 11 Sep 2019
Commented: Yanis Bouhraoua on 22 Oct 2019
Hi everyone,
I want to know if somebody is aware of a freezing issue experienced with MATLAB R2018b (and even with 17b & 18a) launched with '/MLautomation -r' arguments. The command window become blank and not responsive at all, even if we leave it for hours. It is more common to see this issue when a Simulink model is loaded after executing " load_system('my_model') ".
The problem is on some computer (desktop and laptops) running the Windows 10 OS, MATLAB freezes randomly after a few moment, or even after executing some basic commands, and it is reproductible there. But on some other computers, with the exact same build number of the OS, MATLAB runs normally in automation mode.
I have already tried to setup my current MATLAB automation version by executing 'regmatlabserver' in the command window. All registery keys seems to be correct.
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Yanis Bouhraoua
Yanis Bouhraoua on 22 Oct 2019
Dear Support,
I still need help on this case, please give me a feedback as soon as possible.

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