how to add a matrix with the pixel of an image

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Hi I want to add a matrix with the pixels of an image.image size is 512 512 and matrix size is 2*2.
key=[8 5;5 3];
I dont know how to do bitwise xor
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Sep 2019
Your image is probably 8 bit so your I1 is probably something by 8. Your key values are at most 8 so only need 4 bits and there are 4 of them so k is 4x4. zor is the same size as I1 so it is something by 8. You have a for loop over the number of rows in I1 so I1(i) will be a scalar representing one bit (not a row of bits). Your xor that scalar with the 4x4 k so you get a 4x4 result. You try to store that 4x4 result in zor(i, :) which is 1x8.

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