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Raspberry pi zero w does not connect with Simulink Hardware Setup

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Frederik Hesselmann
Frederik Hesselmann on 4 Sep 2019
Commented: Justin Lajoie on 27 May 2020
Hello community,
My aim is to run simulink code on raspberry pi zero w. I have read this page
and prepared the sd disk as in (german page):
I am running Matlab R2018a and Matlab Toolbox for Raspberry Pi (update Aug.2019) and Simulink Toolbox for Raspberry Pi (update March.2019)
The Hardware Setup runs as follows:
Insert (clean) SD Card with USB Card reader. Image (mathworks_raspbian_R18.1.0.img) is then written on sd card.
Now the Raspberry Pi zero with the new SD card is connected to the PC. I click on next and Matlab tries to detect the RPi zero.
BUT: Detection is not successfull, message "Try using test connection button". In the following the 'Confirm Hardware Setup' shows an empty field for USB IP Address and "Not connected" for WLAN IP Address. Further tests are also not succesful.
A colleague has also tried every step with new Matlab and new installation.
Can you tell me, what am I missing? Are you able to help me locate the problem?
Thank you very much for your valuable time.
Kind regards,

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