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how to write mat lab program to solve system of linear equation where i can put all coefficients individually and then form a matrix of it.

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pratik dangar
pratik dangar on 26 Aug 2019
Commented: Steven Lord on 26 Aug 2019
Given the equations: 10?1 + 2?2 − ?3 = 27 −3?1 − 6?2 − 2?3 = −61.5 ?1 + ?2 + 5?3 = −21.5 A. Define matrix A and b in terms of (i,j), where Ax = b, and i= number of row and j = number of column. Show the output of A and b.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Aug 2019
Since this sounds like a homework assignment, show us what you've done to try to solve the problem and ask a specific question about where you're having difficulty and we may be able to offer some guidance.

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