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For Loop Iteration With Part of Vector

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I want to use a row vector to index in a for loop. But, I want to switch to a different function when the index reaches a certain element in the vector. My row vector (t) is 1x1271810. I would like to use my first function in a for loop up to element 945665 in the vector, and then use a different function for the rest of the for loop (or another for loop) from element 945666 to 1271810. Is this possible? Here is how I have my for loop written so far, how would I modify it?:
[a,b] = size(t);
for i = 1:a
for j = 1:b
PredCurrFun(i,j) = p(4).*((1-calcPinf(p,t(i,j),Co(i),Diff)).* ...
exp(-calcLambda(p,t(i,j),Co(i),Diff) .* t(i,j)) + calcPinf(p,t(i,j),Co(i),Diff));
"second function I would like to use is a 1 - exponential"

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Charles DeLorenzo
Charles DeLorenzo on 10 Jul 2019
Edited: Charles DeLorenzo on 10 Jul 2019
I would suggest using one for loop the length of 't' and a conditional statement to switch between the functions. As an example
for i=1:width(t)
if i<945665
% function 1
% function 2
Kelly McGuire
Kelly McGuire on 11 Jul 2019
Great, thanks for the advice! That was very helpful.

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