how to merge multi netcdf files in single

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HN on 18 Jun 2019
Commented: Kevin Bislip on 15 Sep 2020
Hello all, I have downloaded the mean sea level pressure data from the ECMWF dataset for 12 month. I am trying to create single combined file e.g. of separate monthly files e.g.,
Thanks a lot.

Answers (1)

KSSV on 18 Jun 2019
  1. REad the first file for lat, lon , data dimensions.
  2. Run a loop for each file.
  3. Read data using ncread inside loop for every file.
  4. Write this data into output nc file.
YOu need to know only two functions ncread and ncwrite.
Kevin Bislip
Kevin Bislip on 15 Sep 2020
I need to do the same can you please show me how you did it?

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