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How a matlab function or toolbox works?

Asked by Gowtami Namburu on 22 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 23 May 2019
I mean how the code is written(in what programming language) , for web page we have html.. Similarly for matlab functions to work, the back end code for each functions is written in what software?


on 22 May 2019
I expect the back end of Matlab to be a mix of C and Java, but I doubt you'll get an official answer from a staff member. Maybe people who've been around for longer than me can provide some background.
But why do you want to know? Just curiosity, or do you want to make use of the specific features of whatever the back end language is for Matlab?
Much of MATLAB is written in MATLAB itself. However, that which is hidden under the hood is written in whatever language they may have chosen. Much was originally in Fortran long ago, but that has changed. And that is the important point - that they can change that which lies under the hood as they wish, and you should not care.
There is a fair bit of C++ these days. The C parts tend to get updated to C++.
If I recall correctly the high performance libraries (third party but important) are still the Fortran versions.

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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 23 May 2019
Edited by the cyclist
on 23 May 2019

A cursory look at the software engineering career postings on the Mathworks site suggests that current development is in C, C++, Java, Javascript (and probably some others that I just didn't happen to find).
Of course, some of those might be for web site development, mobile app, etc, and not strictly MATLAB itself.


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