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VideoWrite .Avi file doesn't play in powerpoint. Any ideas?

Asked by Kyle
on 11 May 2019
When I make .avi movies using VideoWriter the videos will not play in Office 365 PowerPoint on Mac. I have tried both 'Uncompressed AVI' and "Motion JPEG AVI'. I also tried saving as .mp4 with 'MPEG-4'. Nothing has worked.
The PowerPoint message is as follows:
"PowerPoint cannot insert a video from the selected file. Verify that the path and file format are correct, and then try again."
I believe the problem is due to how the compression is done. If I use CloudConvert ( to convert the movie from an avi to an avi the new avi file works!
Here are links to the two versions. The first is the one directly from Matlab. The second is the CloudConvert version.
Matlab generated avi: matlab_generated_avi
CloudConvert avi: cloud_convert_avi
Both videos will play in other video players such as VLC.
Here is the code I used to write the movie:
v = VideoWriter(save_file_string,'Motion JPEG AVI'); %I have tried replacing 'Motion JPEG AVI' with other profile types.
Any ideas? I can just manually convert every movie I make using CloudConvert, but that is annoying. I believe there must be something I can do with Matlab.
I am using MATLAB R2016a on a MacOS Mojave. I have attached the matrix for the movie I am trying to make as well (roi_movie.mat).
Thanks in advance!


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