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Hello ,i have an issue when it comes to my simulink model.I've made a tranmission model using simscape and simulink blocks.The error is a linear algebra error and also displays an errors to solving an iteration matrix.Any thoughts?

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Arnav Mundalik
Arnav Mundalik on 19 Apr 2019
Answered: Steve Miller on 4 Aug 2020
Okay, so the model is a transmission model using simscape and simulink blocks.It includes the engine,Drivetrain and the vehicle body blocks.The error message is as follows"Steady state solve failed to converge.
Nonlinear solver: Linear Algebra error. Failed to solve using iteration matrix."
I've tried changing the initial conditions for the clutch.I've tried changing the solvers and i've also checked my connections.Any suggestions?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 4 Aug 2020
If you could upload the model to this question, we could provide a more specific answer. In the screenshots you provided, I do not see any inertia blocks. The most common problem that causes that error to be thrown are nodes with no inertia associated with them.
In Transmission_model/Transmission Subsystem/Clutches and gears, try adding inertias to the lines connected to each Connection port. That maybe enough, or will at least allow the diagnostic to be more specific.




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