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multiple populations in a single pole

Asked by TADA
on 16 Apr 2019
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on 23 Apr 2019
I have histograms that most likely represent multiple populations.
If they distribute normally I know I can use curve fitting to fit a gaussian series.
Is there a way to resolve this with other distributions like weibull, or gamma?


on 23 Apr 2019
Ok Thank you
An approach that might be plausible is to run a minimizer with enough parameters for one instance of the distribution to be fit. The objective function would use those parameters to predict values in the distribution along the independent variable, and would subtract those predicted values from the actual. Then run a fitdist() on what is left specifying the model, and getting back parameters. Use these second parameters together with the first to generate predicted sum of distribution, calculate sum of squares residue against actual data, return that as the objective function value.
on 23 Apr 2019
Can you point me in the right direction for how to address the minimization?
A link to the documentation or a name of a function/class would be perfect

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