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Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones - Motor Input Commands

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Maxwell Barnett
Maxwell Barnett on 12 Apr 2019
I'm currently designing a simulation model (using Simulink/Matlab) to control the path of a quadrotor UAV (i.e. the Parrot Mambo Minidrone). I have derived the equations of motion for the quadcopter and have designed the simulation model, but for the model to work properly, I need to know what units of angular speed are used as input for the four motors. I've been searching for this information for hours and still haven't found anything.
I would just like to know whether the Parrot Minidrones, when coupled with MATLAB/Simulink, require motor speed inputs to be in rad/s or in rpm. I know the Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones requires a 1x4 vector composed of desired motor speeds as input, but I have been unable to find whether this vector should be in units of rpm or rad/s.
Although my simulation model will work with either input form (i.e. rpm or rad/s) as long as units are consistent, I plan to test my model on the drone hardware upon completing the simulation, so would like to avoid damaging the equipment by using the wrong units for input (which could cause it to rapidly accelerate into a crash).
Additionally, if you happen to know any of the system parameters, such as thrust/torque coeffiecients for the rotors/motors, inertial values, etc., it would be helpful to compare them to my estimated values, as I've contacted Parrot (unsuccessfully) and haven't been able to find this info anywhere. I assume this information has to exist somewhere, as it's used in the Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones, but every parameter within the model references some other MATLAB file that I can't open without paying for the Aerospace Blockset. However, if this information is unavailable, I can run a few trials where the drone hovers at a specified altitude and calculate the parameters from the flight data, but it would be nice to know these calculations are relatively accurate.
If you are unable to quickly find the parameters, it's not a huge deal as I can calculate them myself, but I need to know whether the Parrot Minidrone uses rpm or rad/s as input for motor commands, so please let me know!
Thank you!!!

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