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Initialize a counter used Simulink For iterator block

Asked by Jonathan on 8 Feb 2019
Latest activity Edited by Jonathan on 8 Feb 2019
Here's a simple algorithm :
index = 0
innerIndex = 0
M = a 2d matrix with zeros everywhere
for index going from 1 to 10
do some stuff involving the use of index
if a certain condition is met
increment innerIndex
append some stuff in M with something like M[innerIndex,:]=some stuff
do some stuff with M and the final value of innerIndex
I want to set this up as a Simulink model 'A' with a for iterator and Matlab embedded functions and delay blocks to do most of the work. This model will itself be called within a loop by a parent model 'B'.
I'm having a hard time making sure that lines 2 and 3 of my algorithm are done properly. I thought that the delay blocks would take care of this initialization, but apparently it doesn't. I want innerIndex and M to go back to their initial values (zero) each time model B calls model A.
Do you have suggestions, even general guide lines, as to how to tackle this in Simulink?


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