Deleting Entries in an Array

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Hans123 on 29 Jan 2019
Commented: Hans123 on 30 Jan 2019
I am working with a 1627x11 array, labelled A, and I want to delete the entries that have 0 in the 9th column (i.e delete the whole row).
V = A(:,9);
A(vals)=[ ];
after running that code, the array converts to an 1x16617 double - which is not wat I anticipated nor want.
To reiterate, the 9th column which has a sort of counter is used to keep track of which point I am working with, and I do not want to include the rows which are in the 0th point.
Rows 0 to 1280 contains 0 in the 9th column (this was done by observing the array), so I should have a 347x11 array after running the code.
What am I doing wrong

Accepted Answer

Brian Hart
Brian Hart on 29 Jan 2019
Hi Ramitha,
You almost got it. For your last line of code, try
The way you tried it at first uses linear lindexing (see sub2ind)
Hans123 on 30 Jan 2019
that's great! Thanks Stephen

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 29 Jan 2019
Edited: madhan ravi on 30 Jan 2019




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