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In appdesigner I am not able to set 'MarkerFaceColor' to none.

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Edite Figueiras
Edite Figueiras on 27 Nov 2018
Answered: Edite Figueiras on 18 Dec 2018
I am ploting a figure using 'imshow' and I am ploting there several x,y points using the marker 'o'. Something like this:
imshow(myfigure,[], 'Parent',app.XYmaxProjection)
plot(app.XYmaxProjection, xcoordinates,ycoordinates,'ro', 'MarkerFaceColor', 'none', 'MarkerSize',10)
For some reason the MarkerFaceColor is always white. Is there a way to change this?
Thank you!

Answers (2)

Harini Naveela
Harini Naveela on 17 Dec 2018
I am assuming you saw this behaviour in R2018a which I think is an existing bug. Try the same in 18b and it should work fine.
I tried the following code (similar to your requirement) and was able to reproduce it in 18a but not in 18b. I have attached both the 18a and 18b outputs for your reference.
x = rand(1,5);
y = rand(1,5);
h = plot(app.UIAxes,x,y,'ro');
set(app.UIAxes,'Color',[0 0 0]);
Hope this helps.

Edite Figueiras
Edite Figueiras on 18 Dec 2018
Thank you Harini!
Yes I am using Matlab 2018a.
From the pictures your code works in the 18b version, correct?

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