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How do I monitor the usage of toolboxes for individual licenses, they are not using a network license?

Asked by Flanders Make on 12 Nov 2018
Latest activity Edited by Flanders Make on 13 Nov 2018
I would like to have/make an overview of the toolbox usage for individual users. We don't use a network license server.
I tried making a script that sends license('inuse') from the command line in a running matlab session and then saving the output to a file. But apparently it's not possible to "share" a running matlab session. Only start a new one.
what other options do i have to monitor toolbox usage for individual users on a regular basis?


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Answer by Andreas Goser on 13 Nov 2018

If I understand you correctly, you wonder if the end users actually use all purchased toolboxes and how often.
I have seen the license('inuse') being used in a finish.m file and the results stored in a ASCII-readable file for further analysis. I recall this well, as there were legal discussions in that company, as the IT has not informed end users. So I would encourage you to think of this in case you role this out.
From a "running session", I can think of some options. I will reach out to the account manager of your organization and one of us will get in touch with you directly.

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Indeed, because now if a user requests a toolbox, we usually have to purchase it. Which takes time for obvious reasons and I think we can speed up the process if we can figger out which toolboxes aren't used amongst our users.
Budget isn't actually a problem, but time is.
So if i understand your reply, it's possible to perform the license('inuse') command in a finish.m file when exiting matlab and then save it to a "log" file.
I did some research on the finish.m option, but i'm not familiar with the working method.
On the otherhand, i'm curious on what you mean with the options on a running matlab session. So any information on this would be excelent.

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