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MIMO ss2tf, how do I apply it to a 3x3 system?

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Tamara Sampaio
Tamara Sampaio on 10 Nov 2018
Answered: Aquatris on 11 Nov 2018
Hello, I wish to model a system that consists of two input variables (S0,F) and three outputs (X, S and P). This leads to 6 transfer functions but when I try to use ss2tf, I get the following error:"Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 1). Error in trabalho_modelagem_biolixiviacao (line 65) FT21=tf(num1(2,1),den1(2,1));"
Here is my code:
G1=ss(matriz_A,matriz_B,matriz_C,matriz_D); %ESPAÇO DE ESTADOS tf(G1)
[num1,den1]=ss2tf (matriz_A,matriz_B,matriz_C,matriz_D,1); [num2,den2]=ss2tf (matriz_A,matriz_B,matriz_C,matriz_D,2);
FT11=tf(num1(1,1),den1(1,1)); FT12=tf(num1(1,2),den1(1,2)); FT13=tf(num1(1,3),den1(1,3)); FT21=tf(num1(2,1),den1(2,1)); FT22=tf(num1(2,2),den1(2,2)); FT23=tf(num1(2,3),den1(2,3));
How do I solve this?


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Answers (1)

Aquatris on 11 Nov 2018
You can try using just tf (if you are using one of the newer versions of Matlab)
sys = ss(rand(6),rand(6,3),rand(3,6),0); % MIMO 3x3 ss
sys2 = tf(sys); % same MIMO 3x3 in transfer function form


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