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Question about input inertia tensor in Custom Variable Mass 6DOF ECEF (Quaternion)

Asked by Kane Yang on 26 Oct 2018
As usual,we always define the inertia tensor as written in wiki.
But here in Custom Variable Mass 6DOF ECEF (Quaternion),the explanation of the help documentation in MATLAB R2016b is really out of my understanding.
So you name the input as inertia tensor,but how you explain it is not accurate.
And even in
there isn't a word mentioned to remind users of the symbol of the items of the inertia tensor,which is out of my tolerance.
My question is ,what is the symbol of Ixy(Iyx),Iyz(Izy),Izx(Ixz) used in the masked model actually?
When i fill in the input inertia tensor,should i add a minus sign to the value of Ixy(Iyx),Iyz(Izy),Izx(Ixz) myself ?
If you are the staff of MATLAB, please send the accurate answer to my email
P.S.I know in practical application the second style of writting is more usual,but it shouldn't be the reason of ambiguity.


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