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Value of Torque/Power of Simscape Driveline Vehicle attached to a drivetrain

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Timo EG
Timo EG on 27 Aug 2018
Answered: Steve Miller on 4 Aug 2020
How can I see/export the load of the Vehicle Body in Simscape Driveline which is attached to a drivetrain? For example, I have a engine which transfers 400Nm of torque trough a gearbox and a differential to the Vehicle Body. When I measure the torque via the torque sensor, it will just display the torque from the engine (considering the ratios). But how can I see the load from the Vehicle Body, which depends on the vehicle mass, vehicle speed etc.? The difference between those values should control the speed of the vehicle. Thanks!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 4 Aug 2020
The torque sensor's location determines the torque you are measuring. If you want the torque applied to the vehicle body (or, the torque that the vehicle body "opposes" the engine with, which is the same quantity), put the torque sensor as close to the vehicle body as your driveline will permit. This is likely going to be on the shaft that leads to the tire blocks. You may need to sum the results of torque sensors from multiple driveshafts.

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