How to find co-efficient beta value in simple battery model?

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Mahalingam Kanagasabapathy
Mahalingam Kanagasabapathy am 11 Aug. 2018
Beantwortet: Sabin am 10 Mär. 2023
How to find the beta value in simple battery model using {AH1,V1} values?
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KALYAN ACHARJYA am 11 Aug. 2018
Share the expression with various parameters, then only we can help you

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Sabin am 10 Mär. 2023
The coefficient beta is computed using {AH1,V1} values. Considering V = Vnom*SOC/(1-beta*(1-SOC)), for a simple case we can do something like:
x = (AH - AH1)/AH
y = V1/Vnom
beta = (x+y-1)/x/y
The complexity will increase in case of adding fading, thermal effects, etc.


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