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Matlab 2018a TAH campus license activated, still can not use matlab without internet.

Asked by Tugrul Hakioglu on 4 Jul 2018
Latest activity Answered by Andreas Goser on 5 Jul 2018
I installed matlab 2018a with tah campus license. I use my university mail to activate tah license, but still cannot use without internet. I receive licensing error -8.523. How can I solve this problem?

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Is there any link you can click on with more information about that specific error?
It might also be the case that 'campus license' means you have to be on campus to use it, and you can only prove that with an internet connection.

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1 Answer

Answer by Andreas Goser on 5 Jul 2018

I suggest you start with your university IT. Maybe the indeed set it up purposely this way. Or they are not aware there is an option to use the software without a connection to a license server.
Depending on the outcome your IT (or you) may want to reach out to the installation support team of your local distributor FIGES.


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