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How to calculate the initial buffer size for the transport delay block

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Dirk kok
Dirk kok on 30 May 2012
From the matlab help file:
Initial buffer size
Define the initial memory allocation for the number of input points to store.
Default: 1024
If the number of input points exceeds the initial buffer size, the block allocates additional memory.
After simulation ends, a message shows the total buffer size needed.
----- Do I understand it correctly that the number of the buffer is the number of points to stored (no mater what size each point is)?
If so, then I can calculate the size I need as follows:
fixed sample time: 10 samples per second (10 hz) delay: 0.5 second (5 samples) Thus buffer size = 5
For my model I would like to calculate the size of the buffer so I store enough data, but not run out of buffer.

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