Nucleo-F767ZI -> CAN Send using Simulink and Target Support Package - STM32 Adapter?

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Radu Ghiga
Radu Ghiga on 2 May 2018
Dear All,
I am using SIMulink together with the Target Support Package - STM32 Adapter to program a Nucleo-F767ZI. The aim is to send something (anything) via the CAN peripheral of the Nucleo. So I created a simple model in Simulink, I configured the peripheral using STM32CubeMX and Matlab generates the code and the entire project is created. So far so good. I am using Atolic TrueSTUDIO to compile the project. However, in this case (CAN peripheral) the project does not compile giving me errors like:
I am not sure whether this is normal or there is a bug somewhere in the code generation. I have used the same toolchain to work with ADC, Digital outputs, SPI, Interrupts, USART and the generated code was always good, and always compiled. I would really appreciate any ideas on how to fix it, or a suggestion on what to look for.
Thank you very much!

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