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how do i fix Initialize Variables error when starting quadcopter model in simulink?

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woong-ji choi
woong-ji choi on 19 Apr 2018
Commented: Aabhash Bhandari on 19 May 2021
So when i run asbQuadcopterStart in command line, i get errors in Initialize Variables. I clicked continue and when i run the simulation i get the following errors.
I'm not quiet sure how to fix this issue. Please help!

Answers (3)

Lishein Wijesundara Mudiyanselage
I am having the same issue, did you find a fix?

Birdman on 19 Apr 2018

Use File->Model Properties->Model Properties->Callbacks->PreLoadFcn to initialize variables automatically every time you open a Simulink model.

Sergio Tamayo
Sergio Tamayo on 11 May 2018
Which version of MATLAB are you using?

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