How to change ylabels in a for loop

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Lei am 14 Mai 2012
Hello everyone, I have a simple for loop to plot 7 different plots, but the ylabel should be different.
for k=1:7;
xlabel('Rock Types');
title( [ 'Statistics of Rocks', num2str(k)] );
Anyone knows how to change ylabel for each plot in a for loop please let me know. Thanks. My 7 plots should have 7 different ylabels.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 14 Mai 2012
For example,
ylabel(sprintf('Plot #%d', k))
It would be easier if you indicated how you want the different ylabel to look.
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Lei am 14 Mai 2012
Hi Oleg and Walter,
Thanks for your guys help! They work fine!
I guess the idea is put my ylabels in a cell and then index them.

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