How to fix an error from accumarray?

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Pradya Panyainkaew
Pradya Panyainkaew am 7 Feb. 2018
I have val and subs variables as I shown you and I try to group subs values into same cell array asnd return val to me. When I run this code
A = accumarray(subs,val,[],@(x) {x})
the Matlab software shows this error "Error using accumarray First input SUBS must contain positive integer subscripts.". Thus, I want to know how can I fix it out ?
Thanks in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 7 Feb. 2018
A = accumarray(1+subs,val,[],@(x) {x})
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Pradya Panyainkaew
Pradya Panyainkaew am 7 Feb. 2018
thank you very much. Sir

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