How can I transform points (pixel points) of the same different size images ?

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I have attached an figure, here we see two images A and B, but they are different size. I have the points of a rectangle (e.g., for image B). How can I transform the points
from B to A?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jan 2018
Just multiply the row index of the points by the ratio of the row sizes, and the column index by the ratio of the column sizes.
[rowsa, columnsa, numColorsa] = size(imageA);
[rowsb, columnsb, numColorsa] = size(imageB);
% Transform point 1
row1b = round(row1a * rowsb / rowsa);
col1b = round(col1a * columnsb / columnsb);
Same for any other points, like the other 3 vertex points.

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