Search for text in all .m files of a folder?

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Tina Gottwald
Tina Gottwald am 11 Jan. 2018
Beantwortet: Jon am 6 Jan. 2023
Hello, is there a way to look for a text (e.g. STRG+F "figure(1)") in all .m files of a folder? I could only look in one .m file at a time. If you have a larger main programm that utilizes several functions, it can take quite a while to find something. Thank you!
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Mohamed Atia
Mohamed Atia am 6 Jan. 2023
if you are using windows, try using content:"figure(1)" in the search box

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Jon am 6 Jan. 2023
Use the "Find Files" function on the home tab of MATLAB main window

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