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I am trying to use audiopluginexample in a matlab program. However, it gives the following error: Undefined variable "audiopluginexample" or class "audioplug​inexample.​SpeechPitc​hDetector"​. This is the first time i am using Matlab. Please help anyone?

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manish kumar
manish kumar on 8 Jan 2018
Answered: jibrahim on 18 Feb 2020
this is the code which i'm trying to run. audioIn = audioread('F:\dataset\Recording_2.wav'); pD = audiopluginexample.SpeechPitchDetector; [~,pitch] = process(pD,audioIn);

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jibrahim on 18 Feb 2020
This functionality ships with Audio Toolbox, so make sure your MATLAB includes Audio Toolbox.


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