Is it possible to export a graph from matlab to excel?

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Rodrigo Aragon
Rodrigo Aragon on 8 Jan 2018
Answered: Glenn on 21 Jan 2020
Hi there, I am wondering if is there any chance to export a graph from Matlab to Excel.

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Wan Ahmad Hezzamullah Wan Ahmad Hazim
how to export data from workspace to excel?

Manan Mishra
Manan Mishra on 11 Jan 2018
You can use the "MLGetFigure" function to import current MATLAB figure into Microsoft Excel worksheet.
For more information about this function, please refer the following link:
or execute the following command in your MATLAB command window:
>> doc MLGetFigure
You can also do this by launching Excel from MATLAB by using the ActiveX Automation client feature of MATLAB.
You can print a figure to the clipboard and then insert the clipboard contents into Excel. One example of this type of functionality is the SAVEPPT function on MATLAB Central File Exchange which inserts figures into PowerPoint.
For information about the Excel ActiveX Automation interface please consult the Excel documentation.
For more information about using MATLAB as an Automation client see the following link:

Glenn on 21 Jan 2020
using xlswrite is a good way to create or edit an existing excel file from your Matlab workspace.
I believe you can also use activeX to interact with Excel directly if you're trying to avoid an intermediate file.

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