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What is the default figure export format from matlab live script?

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Tommaso Martire
Tommaso Martire on 1 Dec 2017
Answered: Mukul Rao on 6 Dec 2017
I save as latex document the matlab live script (.mlx). It automatically generate some .eps figures. I need to add figure generated in matlag (.fig) in the same format of autogenerated file. I used the function
print -depsc epsFig
in order to generate eps figure but the dimension and text and format is different. How can i make this last figure equal to autogenerated ones?
Tommaso Martire
Tommaso Martire on 5 Dec 2017
Hi. I export my Matlab Live Script in Latex and then the figures in eps are autogenerated. My friend sends to me another figure in .fig format to add to latex and i need to make this figure as the same format of autogenerated ones.

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Answers (1)

Mukul Rao
Mukul Rao on 6 Dec 2017
Hi Timmaso, I work for the MathWorks Technical Support team. As of R2017b, you can control the size of the exported EPS figures, by setting the figure's position property. Note that this property must be set in the LiveScript before the figure is generated. As long as you set a position value that does not result in the figure being over-sized (in which case it is downsized on export), the exported EPS figures when imported to LaTeX should look similar to their counterparts in the LiveScript.
If you receive a figure from a different source (colleague/friend), you can open these figures within the LiveScript with the openfig command. When you export the LiveScript, the generated EPS figures should match the other figures in size.

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