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Hi Guys! Please can someone help me plot JUST THE REAL (not imaginary) part of this two differential equations, here is my code? Thank you.

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syms I_1(t) I_2(t)
ode1 = diff(I_1) == ((12*exp(60*1i*t))-(10*I_1)-(0.9*I_2))/0.1;
ode2 = diff(I_2) == ((-0.9*I_1)-(10*I_2))/10;
odes = [ode1; ode2];
S = dsolve(odes);
I_1Sol(t) = S.I_1;
I_2Sol(t) = S.I_2;
[I_1Sol(t), I_2Sol(t)] = dsolve(odes);
cond1 = I_1(0) == 0;
cond2 = I_2(0) == 1;
conds = [cond1; cond2];
[I_1Sol(t), I_2Sol(t)] = dsolve(odes,conds);
hold on
grid on

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Karan Gill
Karan Gill am 15 Nov. 2017
Use the real function.
Does this give the expected plot?

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