How to synchronize two datasets with different AND varying sampling rate?

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I have the data sets, Data1 and Data2 like below:
Data1.t % vector with timestamps e.g. [0.1, 0.4 2 2.3 4 4.5 4.7 etc...] % The voltage measured of a 0.1 Hz triangle function at the times specified above.
and: % the same 0.1 Hz triangle function but measured at different times than in Data1.t
The problem is that I want to figure out the time at which Data2 was sampled, i.e. Data2.t (there is at least 10 samples per period)
I was thinking of using something like
If I'm lucky I can find the
for each period "n" in both and with some peakfinder-function… and then cycle through all the recorded periods.
(I started writing this as a question but as I was writing I realised how I could approach the problem. So this post is mainly to help others)

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