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Can't open Matlab files in editor and shortcuts like Ctrl + D not working

Asked by MarcelOev on 4 Nov 2017
Latest activity Answered by Suwichaya Suwanwimolkul on 10 Dec 2017
I'm running Matlab R2017a on Windows 10 64-bit (with Creators Update). Although I can open open .m from the Windows Explorer and a new Matlab instance starts, the same thing doesn't work if I double click on an m file in the Current Folder window inside Matlab. The same applies to right clicking -> 'Open', no reaction and no error message, but I can run scripts with 'Open as Live Script'. Also I can drag and drop a m-File into the editor and it just opens fine.
In addition, right clicking on an function "Open function.m" or pressing Ctrl + D doesn't work. As mention before, drag and dropping the function in the editor works.
Other files like pictures, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets open in Matlab with a double click.
I also installed Matlab on a different computer with Windows 10, with the same bugs.
Is there a fix for this annoying little problem?


I did some further testing and while double clicking on a matlab-file in the windows explorer starts Matlab, it does not open the file itself. Also the command "open" does nothing.
I already tried the file association fix, but it did not work for my problem.
Can you verify if the following preference value is MATLAB Editor: Preferences: MATLAB-> Editor/Debugger-> Editor If not, set it to MATLAB Editor
The preference value was set correctly.
The fix was simply installing JAVA Runtime. After that, everything works fine now.

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1 Answer

Answer by Suwichaya Suwanwimolkul on 10 Dec 2017

I am having the same problem.


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