Why does mcc generates Warning message about starup file even though the starup file is not present on MATLAB Search Path?

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I am trying to create standalone application using mcc and getting the Warning message:
[Warning: Your deployed application may error out because file or folder paths
not present in the deployed environment may be included in your MATLAB startup
file. Use the MATLAB function "isdeployed" in your MATLAB startup file to
determine the appropriate execution environment when including file and folder
paths, and recompile your application.
I confirmed that there is no starup.m file present on MATLAB search path.
>> which startup.m
'startup.m' not found
>>mcc -m myprogram.m -a ./*.mexw64

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 1 Nov. 2017
You are using -a flag to include certain mexw64 files. This is expected if startup.m exists in same location as mexw64 files.
The issue here is that MCC needs to tell requirements to add the folder to the path when analyzing any of the -a files. We are correctly adding this folder to the path, and the warning was added to better inform the users that the startup.m is being added to the CTF. If you really don't want the startup.m to be added you will need to move it.

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