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Just one y axis is drawn in GUI when I use the plotyy.

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Hello, I have questions about 'plotyy'.
For example, code is like this in 'plotting_graph.m'. It is used for drawing graph.
[hAx, hLine1, hLine2] = plotyy(axis_x, (table(:, 1)/scale_value), axis_x, table_cumsum(:, 2));
And, at 'graph.m'(GUI code) I intend to enlarge the figure when I click the right button on mouse.
but when I click the right button, only one y axis is exist on the enlarged figure window.
function plot_ax1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
% Displays contents of axes1 at larger size in a new figure
global plotyy_flag;
if (plotyy_flag == true)
axes1fig = figure;
% Copy the axes and size it to the figure
axes1copy = copyobj(handles.axes1,axes1fig);
set(axes1copy,'Units','Normalized', 'Position',[.05,.2,.9,.6]);
set(axes1copy, 'FontSize', 9);
hold on;
% Save handles to new fig and axes in case
% we want to do anything else to them
handles.axes1fig = axes1fig;
handles.axes1copy = axes1copy;
how can I bring the 2 yyaxis on the new figure window? please help me.
when I use the 'guidata(hObject, handles)', it doesnt't work.

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Henry Giddens
Henry Giddens on 16 Sep 2017
Edited: Henry Giddens on 16 Sep 2017
plotyy creates two axes objects. You need to copy both to the new figure. Are you sure that your code is copying both objects? Is 'handles.axes1' a single axes object or does it contain 2 entries?
You should have both axes objects in hAx from the first line of code:
[hAx, hLine1, hLine2] = plotyy(axis_x, (table(:, 1)/scale_value), axis_x, table_cumsum(:, 2));
Make sure you are copying both objects in hAx to the new figure
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octopus_love on 18 Sep 2017
Thanks. Maybe, It is because of the dealing with 2 handles on the axes. My solution is : making the axis information(hAx) to global variables. And I used it the 'plot_ax1_Callback'.
Many thanks to advice me.

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