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How to make Power Spectral Density in contour form?

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eko supriyadi
eko supriyadi am 9 Sep. 2017
Hi all..
i want to make power spectral density (psd) but in contour form only because so far the psd only made in graphic form, correct me if i'm wrong ..
so i want the y axis is the depth, the x axis is the frequency (cycle/day) and the contours exhibits energy strength..
an example is attached..
so far, i have this script:
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread('current pmtm') ;
depth = num(:,1) ;
[pxx,f,pxxc] = pmtm(x,3.5,length(x),fs,'ConfidenceLevel', 0.95); % iwant use pmtm with confidental level
and i'm stuck here...
I also attach other data (current ts.xls) that will be used when the first data is used not according to the script format to be developed
Tks for your help :)

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