Reading frame from a 4K video?

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K M Ibrahim Khalilullah
K M Ibrahim Khalilullah on 31 Aug 2017
Commented: Cam Salzberger on 3 Sep 2017
I am reading a 4k video using the following code but all frames are black!
v = VideoReader('video1.mp4');
while j<5
video = readFrame(v);
Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 3 Sep 2017
Hmm, that's odd that you wouldn't get the data, but also wouldn't see a codec error. MATLAB uses the OS' codec's for video reading and writing. Are you able to play the video correctly in Windows Media Player (if on Windows) on the same computer running MATLAB? If you're on Mac, check playing it with Quicktime. If Linux, try any program that uses GStreamer.
You can also try this command, and see if mp4 is listed:
formats = VideoReader.getFileFormats()

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