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What could be causing this memory issue?

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Ibro Tutic
Ibro Tutic on 9 Aug 2017
Commented: Jan on 10 Aug 2017
I am processing some data and everything works as intended, with memory used hovering right around 4.5 gb. I am opening .dat files, writing data to a structure, saving the structure, and then I clear the .dat file and the structure to make room for the next file to process. Everything works perfectly, until the file size goes from 9 mb to 18 mb. All of a sudden my ram usage literally shoots up to 16 gb (see picture below for more info, wasn't able to get a print screen because computer locked up). What could be the issue here? I have a pretty good feeling that it isn't my code, since it works fine until the file size increases by 9 mb, which should not use 10+ gb of memory.


aborghes on 9 Aug 2017
Hi Ibro,
Is it possible for you to share your code and .dat files? Without them it is hard to diagnose the issue.
Jan on 10 Aug 2017
@Ibro: It is impossible to guess the reason without seeing the code. Perhaps there is a zeros(n) anywhere, when zeros(1,n) is meant. Or a forgotten pre-allocation can use a lot of memory.
Try to find out, if the problem is reproducible and if so, in which part of the code it happens.

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