Nonlinear least-squares fitting of curve described by PDEs

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Hi people. I would like to fit a curve described by a system of two 2nd degree partial differential equations (PDEs) using lsqnonlin. While it is simple to write your anonymous function when you have a single equation for your model, how can you do it when you have a system of PDEs, which do not have an analytic solution for the parameter of interest (the one to be fitted on the experimental data)? The PDEs have a number of free variables for which I would like to get the values that best fit the data. I could also try a better method than lsqnonlin, if there is one. Thanks

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Torsten on 20 Jul 2017
Although the description here is for ODEs, it can easily be adopted for PDEs:
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Torsten on 21 Jul 2017
Edited: Torsten on 21 Jul 2017
The "Anonymous Function" approach is the most flexible way to pass extra parameters to the PDE functions:
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