Coloring specific uitable cells plus adding content

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Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao am 17 Jul. 2017
Kommentiert: jg am 15 Feb. 2018
Hi, I would like to paint the cells with negative numbers with red color and positive with green color on the DMI column. I also like to add a header to the first column, plus shorten the width of the first column. How am I supposed to do that in a coding format? Thanks!

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Jan am 17 Jul. 2017
Bearbeitet: Jan am 17 Jul. 2017
See also: for coloring an uitable with HTML. The HTML trick has the disadvantage, that it appears, when you edit the cell.
Please note, that you can find this link easily, if you ask an internet serach engine for "Matlab color uitable".
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jg am 15 Feb. 2018
It appears that HTML doesn't get interpreted in App Designer-based GUIs, so this solution no longer works.

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Adam am 17 Jul. 2017


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