How do you upload and download between MATLAB Online and W10 PC?

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Kenneth Dunipace
Kenneth Dunipace am 15 Jul. 2017
Kommentiert: Hisham am 4 Jun. 2020
I have fairly large quantities of data, some in .mat and some in .xlsx. I can cut-and-paste from PC hard drive to MATLAB workspace on desktop. I haven't found any way to do the same thing with MATLAB Online. Same problem with reversing the process - i.e. cut-and-paste from workspace to PC. I tried online Documentation - usually no information at all. I tired workspace help with same results. Surely this must be a common and routine necessity to MZTLAB users.
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Alper am 20 Sep. 2018
It seems that you can download many files and folders at once by creating a zip file first. Take a look at this question and its answer.


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